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About us

Engineering is one of our biggest passions at RSP Outsourcing. We provide comprehensive end-to-end engineering services that have helped us reach great heights. Bringing grand visions to life is what we do together with our partners. Our technology-enabled principles are applied to precast concrete & reinforcement concrete projects that become an epitome of durability and reliability.


More important than profits, our professional ethics guide our work. We eliminate enormous risks and costs because we view our clients as a long-term partners.

Today, we are one of the best detailing and modeling companies in India, and our clients can attest to our transparency. We believe in working together, no matter what stage we're in. Customer satisfaction rating is a measure of how successful we are in the US, Canada, and around the world. We are a group of highly dedicated experts who, through their knowledge and skills, assist the client in gaining the most value possible.

The Company Overview

We distinguish ourselves by offering great support long after the work is completed, while remaining sensitive to the project's and the national market's limits.


RSP serves a global clientele and is endowed with knowledge of European, New Zealand, Australian, American, and Indian code standards, as well as the strength of an international team.

We are making a name for ourselves in a multitude of fields, from being market leaders in the field of responsible structural engineering, design, and analysis to delivering architectural solutions in both the residential and industrial sectors. Among our other main services are steel detailing, structural connection design, BIM services, and precast and rebar detailing.

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We work within a large variety of sectors and undertake specific services, such as Bridge Designs, Construction Surveying and Building Planning. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team has the expertise and the experience to find long-lasting solutions.

Our talented team of engineers is behind everything we do at RSP Outsourcing. We take pride in our technological culture, which enables us to achieve great things together every day. Whether we’re undertaking new projects or working in new sectors, we adhere to the highest industry and environmental standards.

Our mission
Our Mission
Our vision
Our Vision

Our mission at RSP Outsourcing is to provide advanced engineering services throughout a wide range of sectors and industries. We do so while adhering to social responsibility and the highest quality standards. 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients flourish, which is why we strive every day to build an environment that fosters continuous progress, integrity, dependability and love for all we do.

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