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Precast Concrete Detailing

Precast Modeling & Detailing

Precast Modeling & Detailing

We at RSP Outsourcing believe in nothing less than perfection. Our exceptional track record has aided us in becoming a chosen solution supplier in the Precast Detailing Industry, servicing contractors, Precast Manufacturers, and structural engineers worldwide.

Our geographical distribution throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom has enabled us to deliver basic to complicated assignments perfectly. Our precast engineers have a complete understanding and competence on numerous codes and standards (BS - British Codes, Euro codes, ACI, CRSI & ASTM American codes, RSIC Canadian codes, etc.) and have worked on some of the world's most known projects.

Our Precast Engineers work around the clock to guarantee that we have constant connection with all of our clients. More significantly, we have teams who regularly visit our clients to solve their project needs and improve their abilities.

Precast Wall Detailing

It's not simply the correctness of our projects that has earned us the trust of our clients; it's also our ethical and honest practices. We have achieved significant progress in this field in a short period of time and have completed every sort of detailed task with our knowledge, skill, experience, and ability.

RSP Outsourcing understands and adheres to your delivery deadlines. With our improved speed and capacity, you can focus on your core competency of acquiring additional business. Strengthen your customer engagement by delivering RSP's optimization value to them; reduce the negative impact of revisions and shop turnaround times.

What We Offer

Wall Panel Detailing

Stairs Detailing

Embedment Detailing

Lifting Leg Locations

Beam & Column Detailing

Bar Bending Schedule

Slab Detailing

Grout, Ferrule Locations

Erection Drawings

Quantity take-offs

Marking Plan

Double Tee Detailing

NYC Skyline BW

Precast Expertise In

Commercial Buildings

Hospital Buildings

Residential Buildings

Retaining Walls

Parking Structures

Bridges & Towers

Modular Structures

 Sound Walls

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